The client, a prospective homeowner or developer, comes up with the idea of what they would like to build. Outlining of the areas in which work must be under-taken during the conception stage of a project is presented.


After conceptualization of the project, a schematic drawing is done. The client sits down with the Architect to discuss the details of the project, on matters of the size, space utilization, materials to be used, and the budget.

Site Inspection

The team visits the site in advance before the commencement of work, to ascertain that the project is feasible and the projected budget will suit the proposed project.
The nature of soil and terrain is accessed.

Contract Documents

This includes detailed Architectural drawings, Structural drawings, Bills of quantities, and contracts between Tahdow and the client.


Approvals from the local authority are obtained.

With a deep understanding to our clients’ needs, we delve into their imaginations, thoroughly assess their vision and plan to mitigate risks associated with constructing the project.

From Preliminary design, where we come up with various concepts according to our clients’ preferences followed by a detailed design from what they choose.

We also undertake Pre-feasibility studies where we do thorough assessments for our clients’ proposed projects to establish and advice on their economic and environmental viability. Alongside these we also do Evaluation of the construction site, advisory on permit and inspection requirements.

We believe it is our solemn duty to ensure value for our clients’ money.